Ruben Lopez de la Torre

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  • Talented player with good motor and athleticism.
  • Mesomorph body type, wide shoulders and nice frame for PF/SF
Offense (Strengths)
  • Versatile pick & roll screener, is able to roll and to pop out
  • Good footwork in post up 1 on 1, being able to turn to both shoulders and to finish with either hands
  • Uses his speed in fast transition being a good finisher
  • Good body control to absorb contacts, taking fouls and scoring
  • Good activity in offensive rebounding, adds second chance points
  • Acceptable mid range spot up shooter
  • Has improved his three point shot, especially in spot up from wing and front position
  • Has improved his ball handling, dominating with right hand
  • Good activity level in off ball game, especially as cutter in baseline and weakside wing
Defense (Strengths)
  • Acceptable pick & roll defender in soft and hedge defense
  • Good attitude and activity level on D
  • Good help defense concepts in low post to penetrations
  • Acceptable contact level in post up 1 on 1 D
  • Good feet quickness in lateral movement
  • Good defensive rebounder

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